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UnDiscover the destination you thought you knew.

We asked Malaysians what they think about Australia, and most believe it’s just beaches and cute furry animals. We invite you to discover the unique experiences that most tourists don’t know about – including dynamic events, underground bars, scrumptious food, stunning wineries , and hidden secrets found far off the beaten track.

Did you know that Uluru is home to one of the world’s most breathtaking light shows? Or that you can dive into an ocean cage to swim beside great white sharks? Go beyond the guided tours and venture past the landmarks to realise there’s so much more to see, taste, and do in the land down under. UnDiscover Australia today.

Think nothing much happens in outback Australia?

“74% of Malaysians think Australia’s Outback is just miles and miles of desert.”

If your image of the outback is limited to vast stretches of flat land and red dirt, you’re missing the best of this unique destination. The outback is a region that is as diverse as it is expansive, with stunning rock formations, refreshing waterholes, unforgettable events and a strong Aboriginal culture. It’s a place to see impressive natural wonders while immersing yourself in the world’s oldest living culture. You can certainly come to relax and disconnect, but you can also fill your itinerary with exciting and memorable experiences that will stay with you forever. Alternatively, unDiscover the next trip with some of the that cater to your needs.

Think Australia is just cute, furry animals?

“88% of Malaysians think Australia is all about cute, furry animals.”

Nearly every traveller to Australia is looking forward to having an incredible wildlife experience and, truth be told, it’s pretty easy to accomplish. Of course you can hand-feed a kangaroo, snuggle a koala and take a selfie with a quokka – but did you know Australia is also famous for these other unique wildlife encounters? Why not jump into the water with sea lions or watch saltwater crocodiles devour their dinner. Whatever you pick, it’s guaranteed to earn you true bragging rights. Thereafter, check out the offers we have got for you to UnDiscover your next trip.

Think Australia is all about stunning beaches?

“79% of Malaysians think Australia is all about the amazing beaches.”

As an island nation, Australia is surrounded by so many stunning beaches it is easy to get swept away. It truly is the perfect destination for a beach holiday, but it’s certainly not all there is to see and do. Australia also has vibrant lakes, rugged mountains and an exciting range of bucket-list activities to do in its urban areas – and that’s just the beginning. So dry off and head inland to discover some of these unforgettable experiences. Thereafter, check out the we have got for you to UnDiscover your next trip.

Think Australian food is too 'basic' and 'casual'?

“80% of Malaysians think Australia isn’t a foodie destination.”

Australia’s local cuisine is influenced by a variety of factors that work together to create some of the most celebrated food experiences on Earth. Dine on extraordinary seafood, imbibe on award-winning wines, raise your glass to an extraordinary view or try one of the world’s best whiskies: it’s all on in Australia.

Think Australia goes to sleep at night?

“84% of Malaysians think Australia is a daytime destination.”

From gorgeous beaches and scenic walking trails to captivating museums and infamous attractions, Australia has plenty of excitement and entertainment to fill your days. Just make sure you reserve a little energy for exploring the best the country has to after the sun goes down.

Think guided tours are the best way to see Australia?

“80% of Malaysians think the best way to see Australia is on a guided tour.”

There’s no doubt Australia is a big country, but it’s surprisingly easy to navigate. With plenty of established driving routes and countless hidden gems to discover along the way, there are distinct advantages to striking out on your own. Here are just some of the different ways you can see the country your way or check out the for your convenience.