Pride of the Sahara

( Marrakech / Ouarzazate / Merzouga / Fez / Chefchaouen / Rabat / Casablanca )

11D8N 神秘绮丽の摩洛哥 撒哈拉的故事

( 马拉喀什/欧薩薩 /梅如卡/费斯/舍夫沙万/拉巴特/卡萨布兰卡 )


• Bahia Palace, Marrakech
• Majorelle Gardens, Marrakech
• Atlas Film Studio
• Kasbah of Ait Ben Haddou
• 4WD Sahara Desert Safari & Camel ride
• Medersa Bou Inania, Fez
• Mosque of Hassan II, Cassablanca



• Atlas Medina & Spa 5*
• Le Berbere Palace 5*
• Kasbah Hotel Xaluca
• Palais Medina 5*
• Chefchaouen Riad
• Golden Tulip Farah 5*
• Kenzi Tower 5*



• Finest traditional Moroccan cuisine all the trip
• Al Fassia Folklore show dinner
• Farewell dinner at Rick’s Café in Casablanca

Lunch – 7 Meals
Dinner – 8 Meals

Day 1 : Check in at KLIA
Day 2 : Arrive Casablanca -223km- Marrakech

: Local dinner
• Upon arrival in Casablanca, transfer to Marrakech.
Marrakesh evening tour
• At the heart and soul of Marrakech ,Djma-el-Fna Square, browse the huge market square with fortune tellers, acrobats, vendors, snake chambers and magicians all doing their business while creating a pulsating atmosphere .

Day 3 : Marrakesh -186km- Ouarzazate
: Hotel breakfast/Asian lunch/Local dinner
Marrakesh city tour
• Visit the famous Koutoubia Mosque and the magnificent Bahia Palace.
• Stroll the lovely botanical treasure of Marrakech, the Majorelle Gardens.
Day 4 : Ouarzazate -309km -Erfoud
: Hotel breakfast/Local lunch/Local dinner
Ouarzazate city tour
• Discover the Atlas Film Studio where the filming of block buster movies like Lawrence of Arabia, Gladiators, The Mummy and etc. took place
• Visit the one of the country’s most impressive monument, Kasbah of Taourirt.
• Entrance to one of the largest Kasbah in Morocco; Kasbah of Ait Ben Haddou, an UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Tonight enjoy your stay at a Kasbah hotel at the edge of the glorious dunes at Sahara Dessert.
Day 5 : Erfoud – 60km- Merzouga – 387km-Azrou -83km- Fez
: Hotel breakfast/Local lunch/Hotel dinner
Sahara Desert Safari, Merzouga
• Rise early and head to the Sahara dunes to see a spectacular sunrise on the horizon of the vast desert.
• Hop on a
4WD to cross the spectacular dunes of Erg Chebbi, featured in the film Lawrence of Arabia.
• Experience a
camel ride and spend time walking on the soft sands of the dunes.
Berber Village tour
• En-route to Fez, visit a Berbers village and learn about their traditions and their origins as indigenous people of western North Africa tracing back to at least 10,000BC.
Day 6 : Fez
: Hotel breakfast/Local lunch/Dinner show
Fez City Tour
• Tour of Morocco’s imperial city is largely focus on the Medina (Old town), aka Fes el-Bali.
• Enter this charming old city through the beautiful Bab Boujloud ornate city gate .
• Entrance to the impressive Medersa Bou Inania, a finest example of Merinid architecture.
• Weave through the maze of winding alleys and explore the intoxicating sights and sounds of Fes.
• Shop for Fes famous leather products around the vicinity of Al Qaraouiyine , the world’s oldest university,now a mosque.
• View a large working leather tannery where traditional dying of animal skins take place.
• Drive up to the Merenid Tombs ruins on top of a hill which is now a popular lookout point over the historic city.
• Tonight, relax and unwind in the famous Al Fassia restaurant for a captivating Folkore dinner show
Day 7 : Fez-200km- Chefchaouen
: Hotel breakfast/Local lunch/Local dinner
Chefchaouen City Tour
• Visit the “Blue Pearl of Morocco”, lying beneath the dramatic Rif Mountains. Enjoy a fascinating stroll through the alleys lined with gorgeous blue buildings, sidewalks and structures to the lovely medina with a fortress right in the middle. On top of the hill, marvel at the blueish panoramic city views.
Day 8 : Chefchaouen-245km-Rabat

: Hotel breakfast/Local lunch/Thai dinner
Rabat City Tour
• Discover the capital of Morocco, Rabat.
• Explore meandering alleys within the 11th century Oudaias Kasbah and stop at the unfinished Hassan Tower, built as a 12th century minaret.
• Visit Mausoleum of Mohammed V and view its opulent tomb chamber with the grand marble tomb of Mohamed V.
• Photostop at Dar al-Makhzen, the Royal Palace of Rabat.

Day 9 : Rabat – 245km- Casablanca
: Hotel breakfast/Local lunch/Local dinner
Casablanca city tour
• Drive along the wide boulevards of United Nations Square to the residential area Anfa before heading to the seaside Corniche Ain Diab.
• Visit the architectural masterpiece of Morocco , Mosque of Hassan II , the world’s second largest mosque (next to Mecca only) with the tallest minaret at 689 feet.
• Tonight,enjoy a farewell dinner at “Rick’s Café” of Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergma fame.
Day 10 : Casablanca / Depart for home

: Hotel breakfast
After breakfast, bid farewell to Morocco as we transfer to the airport for our flight back home.

Day 11 : Arrived Home/ Depart for home
Tour ends upon reaching KLIA with fond memories of a SINGNATOUR  WORLD vacation.
第1天 : 从吉隆坡出发
第2天 : 抵达卡萨布兰卡 -223公里-马拉喀什
: 道地晚餐
第3天 : 马拉喀什-186公里-欧薩薩
: 酒店早餐/亚式午餐/道地晚餐
第4天 : 欧薩薩-186公里-伊尔富德
: 酒店早餐/道地午餐/道地晚餐
• 参观
• 参观令人印象深刻的纪念碑之一的陶里尔特古堡
• Ait Ben Haddou的古堡,联合国教科文组织世界遗产。
• 进入摩洛哥最大的古堡之一–艾本哈杜旧城区,被列入联合国科教文组织世界遗产。
第5天 : 伊尔富德 -60公里-梅如卡-37公里-艾兹鲁--83公里- 费斯
: 酒店早餐/道地午餐/酒店晚餐
乘坐四驱車穿越过巨大的Erg Chebbi沙丘,它是在劳伦斯阿拉伯电影的特色。
第6天 : 费斯
: 酒店早餐/道地午餐/道地晚餐
• 游览摩洛哥最神秘帝国城市,主要集中在麦地那(老城) ,又名Fez el-Bali。
• 穿过华丽的Bab Boujloud城门,进入这座迷人的古城。
• 令人印象深刻的Medersa Bou Inania入口,是Merinid建筑的最佳典范。
• 穿越在像迷宫的蜿蜒小巷,探索费斯令人陶醉的景点。
参观世界上最古老的大学Al Qaraouiyine但现在已变成清真寺,并在这可购买著名的皮革产品。
驾车前往一座小山顶上的Merenid 遗址,该小山现是城上流行的观景点。
今晚,在著名的Al Fassia餐厅享用晚餐,并欣赏传统的表演。
第7天 : 费斯-200公里- 舍夫沙万
: 酒店早餐/道地午餐/道地晚餐
• 探索位于山间的一个蓝色小镇――舍夫沙万,位列世界三大蓝城之一。让您着迷于蓝色的建筑物和蜿蜒的小巷,漫步到位于中间的堡垒。
第8天 : 舍夫沙万-245公里-拉巴特
: 酒店早餐/道地午餐/泰式晚餐
第9天 : 拉巴特-245公里- 卡萨布兰卡
: 酒店早餐/道地午餐/道地晚餐
参观建在大西洋上,被誉为世界第二大的清真寺– 哈桑二世清真寺,它是超凡脱俗和仅次于麦加。最高的尖塔在689英尺。
再告别你的美好的旅程之前,带您到瑞克咖啡馆享用您的晚餐,由Humphrey Bogart和Ingrid Bergman在电影经典卡萨布兰卡代名。
第10天 : 卡萨布兰卡 / 返回家园

: 酒店早餐

第11天 : 抵达家园
希望您与 SIGNATOUR WORLD  度过一个愉快的假期,并盼望 能再次与您畅游下一个旅游胜地!


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21 OCT 2019
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D10 QR 1395 CMN DOH 1700 0445+1
D11 QR 852 DOH KUL 0850 2150


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