Jewels of the Red Sea

(Amman / Dead Sea / Petra / Aqaba-Taba / Sharm el-Sheikh / Taba Heights / Wadi Rum )

10天 7 约旦 & 西奈半岛,埃及 – 红海之瑰宝

(安曼/死海/佩特拉/亚喀巴 – 塔巴/沙姆沙伊赫/塔巴高地/瓦迪拉姆)


• St George’s Church, Madaba
• Mt Nebo
• Petra with horse ride to Siq
• Fast ferry to Sinai Peninsula, Egypt
• Coptic Church, Sharm El-Sheikh
• Cruise on the Red Sea
• St Catherine Monastery
• Citadel of Saledin
• 4 x 4 dessert jeep ride, Wadi Rum
• Ammam Citadel



• Dead Sea Spa Hotel
• Movenpick/Marriott Hotel
• Savoy / Cleopatra Sharm
• Sofitel Taba Hieghts Hotel
• Rahayeb Deluxe Camp


• Zarb BBQ cuisine
• Mansaf menu
• Traditional lunch at Haret Jdoudna
• Red Sea Cruise lunch
• Lavish buffet in 5* hotels
• Hard Rock Café, Sharm in El Sheikh

Day 1 : Check in at KLIA
Depart KLIA in the late evening.
Day 2 : Arrival Amman, Jordan –65km- Dead Sea region
: Local lunch / Hotel buffet dinner
Madaba & Mt Nebo tour
• First stop, see the enormous 6th-century mosaic map of Palestine and Egypt on the floor of St. George’s Orthodox Church.
• Stop by a mosaic artwork factory to learn about mosaic art form
• Drive up to Mt Nebo to enjoy excellent views of the Jordan River Valley, the Dead Sea and (on clear days) Jerusalem. A 6th century church marks the spot where Moses is said to have seen the Promised Land!
Transfer to the Dead Sea region for overnight stay
Day 3 : Dead Sea region –199km- Petra
: Hotel breakfast / – / Hotel buffet dinner
Dead Sea Experience

• Straddling the border between Jordan and Israel, the Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth’s surface (1,312 feet below sea level). The mineral content of this saltwater lake tops out at 33%. Think a glass of water with one third full of salt!
• Take a dip into the water slowly. Whilst giving your skin the best detox thanks to the curative qualities of the water, the salt-rich waters will keep you bobbing like a cork. You can’t sink!
• Apply the black mud all over your body and feel the tenderness of your skin when you wash it off.
• Shop for a wide range of mineral rich mud and salt products before heading off to Petra.
Day 4 : Petra
: Hotel breakfast / – / Hotel set dinner
This erosion-hewn masterpiece, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, was rediscovered by a Swiss explorer in 1812.
Full day at Petra
• A one way horse ride is included (either going or returning) from the Visitor Centre to the start of the Siq
• Enjoy a mesmerizing walk through the narrow Siq before reaching the courtyard where the magnificent facade of
El Khazneh (The Treasury) stand in all its glory.
• Walk on at your leisure, passing tomb carved temples , a Greco arena, paved streets and take in the fabulous sights and atmosphere of this ancient Nabatean city (camel or donkey rides are available at own costs).
• We recommend a hike up to the
Ad-Deir Monastery to enjoy more spectacular views of the landscape
Day 5 : Petra -127km- Aqaba - Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
: Hotel breakfast / Local lunch / Western dinner
Transfer to Aqaba port early in the morning to catch the fast ferry to Taba in Sinai Peninsula, Egypt. En-route to Sharm El Sheikh, enjoy lunch at the lovely seaside city of Dahab.
Sharm El Sheikh city tour
• Photostop at Al Mustafa and El Sahab Mosques, each has its own unique architectural excellence.
• Visit the largest Coptic Church in Sinai Peninsula
• Check out Soho Square entertainment precinct with a lovely dancing water fountain
• Spend time at the happening Na’ama Bay, the tourist hub of Sharm El-Sheikh.
Day 6 : Sharm el-Sheikh
: Hotel breakfast / Cruise lunch / Hotel buffet dinner
Red Sea Cruise & Marine Excursion
The crown jewel of South Sinai by the Red Sea is fast rivalling the ancient sights as Egypt’s top tourist destination. Five star resorts, great entertainment hubs and marine activities such as diving and snorkelling are of the highest quality.
• Enjoy a marvellous
cruise on the Red Sea with stops for swimming, snorkelling and viewing the amazingly colourful coral reefs. For those who don’t fancy getting wet, enjoy viewing the corals from the semisubmersible part of the yacht. Lunch will be served on board.
• In the late afternoon, free at leisure to join optional tours including a Bedouin Dinner or simply enjoy your Resort’s marvellous facilities.
Day 7 : Sharm el Sheikh –209km- Mount Sinai –164kmTaba Heights
: Hotel breakfast / Local lunch / Hotel buffet dinner
St Catherine Monastery tour
• The Greek Orthodox monastery at the foot of Mount Sinai is located at the very place God appeared to Moses in the Burning Bush. The holy relics of Saint Catherine are enshrined in this site too. This is the oldest continuously inhabited Christian monastery and has never been destroyed in any form in all its 17 centuries existence.
Transfer to Taba Heights for overnight stay.
Day 8 : Taba Heights -132km- TABA – Aqaba, Jordan -63km- Wadi Rum

: Hotel breakfast /- / Zarb BBQ dinner
Pharaoh’s Island trip
• Board the boat for a short trip to the island to visit the Citadel of Saladin and marvel at the great mainland landscape from the sea.
Transfer to Taba ferry port to board the
fast ferry back to Aqaba, Jordan

Wadi Rum Deluxe Camp stay
• Check into your comfortable desert tent with hotel- like facilities including private bathroom. Take in the sublime and serene desert atmosphere and enjoy a traditional Zarb BBQ feast for dinner

Day 9 : Wadi Rum – 311km- Amman / Depart for home
: Camp breakfast / local lunch / local dinner
Wadi Rum 4WD safari
• Wadi Rum is a vast landscape of ancient riverbeds, stretches of sandy desert and amazing rock formations known as jebels which rise from the desert floor. Wadi Rum possesses unspoilt beauty forged by millions of years of geological formation and erosion. We take a 4 x 4 desert jeep ride through the heart of the stunning Wadi.
Transfer to Amman, capital of Jordan.
Amman Citadel tour
• Stroll within the ramparts of the dominant Citadel at the heart of the capital city and see the ruins of the charming Temple of Hercules, Al Qasr and the Archaelogical Museum(where time permits)
After dinner, transfer to the airport for your flight home.
Day 10 : Arrival Home
Tour ends upon reaching KLIA with fond memories of a SINGNATOUR  WORLD vacation.
第1天 : 往吉隆坡国际机场登机
第2天 : 抵达安曼, 约旦 -65公里- 死海
: 道地午餐 / 酒店自助晚餐
• 第一站,前往圣乔治东正教教堂观赏那古老的巴勒斯坦和埃及马赛克地图建设于6世纪。
• 逗留于马赛克艺术品工厂以了解马赛克艺术的形成。
• 继续开车前往尼波山,欣赏约旦河、死海和远眺耶路撒冷的美景。约旦人被最受尊敬的景点,标志于6世纪的摩西辞世之地。
第3天 : 死海 - 199公里- 佩特拉
: 酒店早餐 / – / 酒店自助晚餐

死海是位于地球表面的最低之处(海拔1312英尺),跨越约旦与以色列之间的边界。 这个咸水湖的矿物含量高达33%, 想想一杯水中三分之一完全都是盐!
• 在这里富饶并新鲜刺激的 黑色死海泥,在,让皮肤吸收着水中健康的养分,头顶更是 约旦温和的阳光。
• 慢慢享受浸入水中。 这水的疗效,可让您的皮肤获得最佳排毒效果,富含盐分的死海可让您轻松地漂浮水面上,不会沉没!
• 将黑泥涂抹在全身身上,并在洗掉皮肤时感受皮肤的柔软。
• 在离开之前您可以浏览及购买各种死海矿泥制的产品。
第4天 : 佩特拉
: 酒店早餐 / – / 酒店晚餐
今天,一起探索古代文明最伟大与世界新七大奇迹之一,也被 世人称为『千年玫瑰古城,由瑞士的探险家发现于1812年。
第5天 : 佩特拉 -127公里- 亚喀巴 -沙姆沙伊赫,埃及
: 酒店早餐/道地午餐/西式晚餐
早晨,前往亚喀巴港口乘搭快速渡轮到位于埃及的西奈半岛 — 塔巴。在前往沙姆沙伊赫途中,停留在幽美的哈布海滨城市享用午餐。
停留在独特的Al MustafaEl Sahab清真寺拍照留念。
第6天 : 沙姆沙伊赫
: 酒店早餐 / 游船午餐 / 酒店晚餐
红海拥有西奈半岛上的皇冠宝石的美誉,它可媲美与古代的景点,成为埃及最大的旅游景点。 五星级度假村、娱乐中心、潜水与浮潜等海洋系列的活动。
在红海中享受奇妙的船游,您可以游泳、浮潜下海观赏美丽多彩的珊瑚礁。 对于部分不喜欢下海的人,可以在游艇半潜式部分欣赏的珊瑚。午餐也将在船上享用。
第7天 : 沙姆沙伊赫-209公里- 西奈山-164公里 - 塔巴高地
: 酒店早餐 / 道地午餐 / 酒店自助晚餐
第8天 : 塔巴高地 – 132公里-塔巴 -亚喀巴,约旦-63公里-瓦迪拉姆
: 酒店早餐 / – / 烧烤晚餐
搭乘短途渡轮来到法老岛,参观萨拉丁城堡。这座岛屿还以城 堡与美丽珊瑚礁而闻名。如今,也被联合国教科文组织列为世 界遗产。
第9天 : 瓦迪拉姆 – 311公里-安曼/ 返回家园
: 营地早餐 / 道地午餐 / 道地晚餐
• 漫步于首都城市中心探索安曼城堡,并参观迷人的大力士神庙、Al Qasr和考古博物馆(如时间许可)。然后,傍晚送往机机场乘搭回程航班。
第10天 : 抵达家园
希望您与 SIGNATOUR WORLD  度过一个愉快的假期,并盼望 能再次与您畅游下一个旅游胜地!


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11 OCT 2019
Airline Adult Twin
Adult Single
Child Half Twin
Child With Bed
Child No Bed
EK 10’200 11’000 9’300 8’300 8’300 SELLING
25 OCT 2019
Airline Adult Twin
Adult Single
Child Half Twin
Child With Bed
Child No Bed
EK 10’200 11’000 9’300 8’300 8’300 SELLING


Day Flight Code From To Departure Arrival
D02 EK 343 KUL DXB 0210 0455
D02 EK 901 DXB AMM 0730 0935
D10 EK 906 AMM DXB 0205 0605
D10 EK 342 DXB KUL 1025 2150


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